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An Coimisinéir Teanga


Section 32 of the Act provides that the Minister for Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs  issue placenames orders declaring the Irish versions of placenames.

Where a Placenames Order is in force, a public body is, after certain dates, required, under the Regulations made under Section 9(1) of the Act, to use the Irish version of the placename specified in the Order, in the following cases:

  • On stationery headings on new stationery used by the public body from 1 March 2009.
  • On new signs placed by the public body at any location from 1 March 2009.
  • In recorded oral announcements made by or on behalf of the public body from 1 March 2013.

Gaeltacht Placenames

It is essential to use the Irish version of the Gaeltacht placename as specified in the Placenames Order in the following cases:

  • In any Act of the Oireachtas or in any Statutory Instrument made after the Placenames Order comes into force.
  • In maps prepared and published by Ordnance Survey Ireland or with its permission on or after 1 January 2005; the scales of which are on any scales from and including 1: 1 to 1:9,999.
  • On road or street signs erected by or on behalf of a local authority.

Further information on placenames are available on